5 Ways to simplify life

October 27, 2016

Quick story. Last week I caught myself feeling uneasy. My energy was low, my vibe was off and I honestly just looked crazy. What I came to realize, was that my life was a mess. I was too focused on my business and work that I didn't take a minute to realize my present issues. First and foremost, my first major issue was my legs.. lets be honest, my legs were so hairy I couldn't even wear a pair of shorts (I live in Miami), my closet was so junky that I couldn't find a single thing except my bright pink sweat pants that I wore two nights in a row (don't judge me, we all done it).  I also hadn't wrote a single thing in my planner, so my mind was running twenty miles a minute. If it was never for those hairy legs and pink sweats, I'm pretty sure I would have gone crazy.

Crossing Oahu, Hawaii off my bucket list.

October 20, 2016

O‘ahu, Hawaii, USA

After finding out that it would take us 12 hours and 2 stops, one in Atlanta and the other one in LA, I was more than hesitant about going to Hawaii. As beautiful as it seemed and as romantic as it would have been, after being sick with a stomach virus, sitting in the same spot for 10 hours didn't seem so appealing. But, thanks to the mister, my ticket was already booked and my bags were already packed, and we were ready to go.  

After sleeping most of the way there, I have to say the flight wasn't bad at all. We walked off the plane to a setting that was slightly familiar. The tropical shirts worn by the employees and the outside layout showing the palm tree's gave me a last minute reminder of Miami. 

3 Tips For Thrifting

When I first started shopping at the thrift store I was so lost. I hated going because it was too big, too clutered and too dusty. Everything was all over the place. Large sizes were in the small sections and everything in the small section was an extra small. It was too chaotic! I couldn't deal! I walked out within the first five minutes of being there. Fast forward five years later and I'm like a kid in the candy store.

After having a love/hate relationship with any thrift store near by I finally learned the in's and out's of shopping there. From what to look for, what not to pay for and being in the right state of mind. It's really not all that bad once you give it a chance and you will learn to love it, just like I have.

3 Reasons why we shouldn't waste time gossiping

October 11, 2016

I recently decided to go to brunch with a girl I met, she had the most beautiful bouncy curls that I just had to know her secret and a laugh thats so contagious that my abs were sore the next day. However, in that big hair of hers I swear lies nothing but secrets and so much "tea" (gossip) that will last longer then a pair of Converse. Towards the end of brunch I was trying to find every excuse to get out of there and went running for the hills.

Cinnamon Breakfast Smoothie

October 8, 2016

Im clearly a lover of all things autumn. Its been nine days and I have been well beyond prepared since the end of august (sorry summer). From the vibrant red and orange of the leaves, to the multilayer fall fashion and the seasonal aroma of spices that trails through out the house, whats there not to love? However, not everyone is overly prepared like me. So I thought I'd share a Cinnamon Breakfast Smoothie that reminds us of fall with ingredients that we've always had since Summer.

5 ways to stay consistent

October 7, 2016

I told myself I wasn’t going to eat anymore Mac N Chz & oh boy… look whats in front of me, Yup! You guessed it, Asparagus. Up until about three months ago I never kept my own promises. I had absolutely no problem keeping other peoples promises, yet it was seldom that I stuck to my own word. Why is that? Was it because my desire for Mac n Chz so irresistible? Could it be the temptation for that moment of instant gratification more important than my goal of getting fit? No, It wasn’t! In fact, it was going to give me that thick chunky face that would probably force my mom to give me that dreadful hand signal she promised she would give if i ever started to get fat (Sort of like a dab).

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