3 Reasons why we shouldn't waste time gossiping

October 11, 2016

I recently decided to go to brunch with a girl I met, she had the most beautiful bouncy curls that I just had to know her secret and a laugh thats so contagious that my abs were sore the next day. However, in that big hair of hers I swear lies nothing but secrets and so much "tea" (gossip) that will last longer then a pair of Converse. Towards the end of brunch I was trying to find every excuse to get out of there and went running for the hills.

Don't get me wrong when I hear the lady in the booth next to me at the hair salon talking about how she just caught her man and best friend in bed, my ears perk up like a dog that just heard the word "treat". Yet, if its so juicy, why do we need to avoid it?

 #1. Self-esteem 

 You ever had a bully and five years later find out that they always been in love with you? Yeah! Well that weird defense mechanism is the same trait some gossipers hold. They start talking so much about how Ashley's gut was hanging over her belt buckle, and the audacity Sydney had to compliment her outfit. (What was she thinking?) Yet, in reality the person doing all the talking is trying to avoid any negative association on themselves, and hoping no one seen that nip slip she had in her snap chat story. (Thank god it only last 24 hours). Im just kidding, but it goes deeper then just friendly gossip, instead its a way of hiding something they don't like within themselves, in hopes that no one else finds out. 

 #2. Drains your energy

 I had to run from this curly haired girl because I felt my energy leaving the brunch before I had the chance too. The first couple of stories had me hooked, but after trying to change the topic of discussion 4 to 5 times I had no interest of being there. It was beyond draining. It was like telling the story of how your boss humiliated you in front of the entire staff, and every time you tell that story you get upset all over again. The environment becomes extremely negative, which is a place i don't fit well in. 

 #3. Waist of valuable time

 As humans we can sit and gossip all day. But, what is it accomplishing? Ill wait... You are never doing any good by telling someone else's business. Even when we don't speak negatively of someone else but speak on there accomplishments, it can result in negative consequences. Nine times out of ten, the person who has accomplished this task that you just told wants to be the person giving the news. To see the reaction on peoples face and to see the genuine excitement from someone else. Once you stop gossiping you have more room for opportunity and more time to be mindful.

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  1. Wow so awesome ! This post is my bar my favorite. So much depth and realness, love the way you know when your energy is telling you to tun girl! You stand so strong for what you believe is right and dont take anybodys talk. Admire you alot Asia, miss ya lots !


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