3 Tips For Thrifting

October 20, 2016

When I first started shopping at the thrift store I was so lost. I hated going because it was too big, too clutered and too dusty. Everything was all over the place. Large sizes were in the small sections and everything in the small section was an extra small. It was too chaotic! I couldn't deal! I walked out within the first five minutes of being there. Fast forward five years later and I'm like a kid in the candy store.

After having a love/hate relationship with any thrift store near by I finally learned the in's and out's of shopping there. From what to look for, what not to pay for and being in the right state of mind. It's really not all that bad once you give it a chance and you will learn to love it, just like I have.

1. Patters & Fabrics 
Patterns, patterns, patterns is all I can say. There are some things in the thrift store that you will not find in department stores, and patterns is one of those items. If you have an eye for detail you will be able to spot a good pattern from a mile away. With that being said, clearly not everything you find is going to be great quality. However, you will run into gold mines when it comes to fabric. You can easily find 100% natural fibers such as silk, cotton or wool. Which usually are the materials that last longer and have higher quality (something that is hard to find in other shopping stores). 

2. Price
When it comes to clothes, everything at the thrift store is affordable. However, there are some items that are well over priced. Especially when your like me and some of the items are going to get ripped, bleached, and sew'n all over again. Some things sadly just have to be put down. Yet, with people constantly donating items everyday, they are always getting packed with new material which calls for promotions. If you check with your local thrift store, on certain days everything will be half off or certain tags will be $1. Those are usually the days that I like to go, so that I won't have the issue of getting disappointed because a product was over priced. 

3. Go in with an open mind. 
One of the reasons you probably decided to start thrifting is because you seen your best friend with a vintage name brand dress that you just had to go buy. Well sorry to disappoint you, but your not going to find that dress again. You can probably find something better! When you first start thrifting don't go in with one specific item in mind, cause you will end up disappointed. However, when you go in with an open mind you will be more open to try new ideas. So if you see a pattern blouse in a section two times too big, do not be scared to run and grab it, because you can turn that into a world of things. 

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