5 ways to stay consistent

October 7, 2016

I told myself I wasn’t going to eat anymore Mac N Chz & oh boy… look whats in front of me, Yup! You guessed it, Asparagus. Up until about three months ago I never kept my own promises. I had absolutely no problem keeping other peoples promises, yet it was seldom that I stuck to my own word. Why is that? Was it because my desire for Mac n Chz so irresistible? Could it be the temptation for that moment of instant gratification more important than my goal of getting fit? No, It wasn’t! In fact, it was going to give me that thick chunky face that would probably force my mom to give me that dreadful hand signal she promised she would give if i ever started to get fat (Sort of like a dab).

Getting on the scale and seeing a number I wasn’t to pleased with forced me to revaluate my daily routines. I use to say things like “Oh, I deserve to sleep in or eat this cake because I worked hard for it”. These consistent thoughts turned into actions which had consequences I was not ready to face. Thats when I put down the creamy goodness and all the other comfort foods that made me smile at my plate and traded for food that made me feel good in the inside.
#1. Make a plan
A plan and or a goal, is not a plan until it is in writing.  Write down your goals and set them in an area were you can see them everyday. Such as your bathroom mirror, where you can see it while your doing your make up or brushing your teeth. That way your goals are fresh in your mind every morning. It gives you a daily reminder that you have a purpose. Also at night while your taking your make up off, you can reflect on your daily actions to see if they fit your goals.
#2. Be Realistic
The purpose of staying consistent is so that you can stick with positive actions so that you can see positive results. In other words, don’t immediately set yourself up for failure by saying that your first goal is that you want to lose 100 pounds in a month. Im clearly exaggerating but from my research losing that much weight in that amount of time is unhealthy and unrealistic. So be realistic, don’t be to hard on yourself. Set goals that you know you can accomplish daily, but also where you can  continue to challenge yourself.
#3. Do yourself a favor, get rid of the negative thinking!
A HUGE problem that I had and still face from time to time is calling myself names and thinking negative. Last Monday I was at the gym and wasn’t feeling to pretty. I started telling myself how fat my arms looked and how everyone around me looked way more fit than I was, which resulted in one of my first bad workouts. After getting home and throwing the pity party of a life time I had to remind myself that my body has progressed dramatically from when I first started and that no one is better than me, I am my own person. If you haven’t heard before, your perception is your reality. These negative thoughts have a tendency to run our lives, so do yourself a favor and kick them to the curb because what you think you become. And trust me, no one likes a negative nancy.
#4. Imagine yourself after you have accomplished your goals
When you  drift off and day dream (at the right times) about becoming the person you are striving to become, it gives you more motivation to go out and take action. Before you go to bed visualize yourself on the Island of Maui with a floppy hat, that skimpy bikini you have been scared to try on, with a book in one hand and a Mai Tai in the other.
#5. Don’t beat yourself up , its okay if you mess up
Everyone fails, its inevitable. No matter how smart you are, how well you plan or how dedicated you are. Its going to be hard to stay consistent the first few weeks in anything you do. However, if you stay committed, stick to your plan and think positive, you will start to become so consistent that you will no longer feel obligated to go to the gym but it will become a habit and part of your everyday routine. So enjoy your journey!

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