5 Ways to simplify life

October 27, 2016

Quick story. Last week I caught myself feeling uneasy. My energy was low, my vibe was off and I honestly just looked crazy. What I came to realize, was that my life was a mess. I was too focused on my business and work that I didn't take a minute to realize my present issues. First and foremost, my first major issue was my legs.. lets be honest, my legs were so hairy I couldn't even wear a pair of shorts (I live in Miami), my closet was so junky that I couldn't find a single thing except my bright pink sweat pants that I wore two nights in a row (don't judge me, we all done it).  I also hadn't wrote a single thing in my planner, so my mind was running twenty miles a minute. If it was never for those hairy legs and pink sweats, I'm pretty sure I would have gone crazy.

 1. Just Breath
My first step to simplifying my life was to stop and breath. After taking yoga for three years, I learned a technique or two on breathing to relax (later post). Your body has its own self stress reliever, which is breathing. Taking the time to stop and take a few deep breaths is very effective when it comes to stress.

2. Get Organized
The biggest issue that week was that I wasn't organized. I had no idea where anything was, junk was everywhere and my planner was no where to be found. I realized having to take twenty minutes to an hour out of your day to look for keys or to figure out your schedule is a waist of time. In order to be more efficient and make things simpler organization is key. 

3. Plan
Write a list every night or every morning (depending on if your a morning person), of three to five major tasks you have to get done today or the following day. Its a way to stay productive and to also feel accomplished. Make it your goal to finish those task within the first couple of hours of waking up, that way you can have a sense of relief and also have more time to yourself later on. 

4. Get rid of clutter
This falls into place with organization, but i felt it needed its own point. I had to wear those pink sweats for two days in a row because my closet was too cluttered. Ladies, lets due ourselves a favor and just get rid of some of it. As hard as it might be, its one of the main reasons we say we have nothing to wear, because we simply just have too much. We feel a lot better when we have space and in order to have that we have to push a few things away. 

5. Be in the present
Theres nothing wrong with living in the present. We get caught up with being our future selves that we don't look at the now. If we are always looking into the future we won't have time to stop and look at our hairy legs and realize that we need to simplify our lives.

What are some things you would like to simplify at home?


  1. I love your blog and the quality of your pictures are amazing. I hope your blog is a success!

  2. Thank you !! I really appreciate the support !

  3. I'm loving everything about this blog! Can't wait to read what you write next ��

  4. Thanks Sunny D ! Your awesome , I appreciate your support 💜

  5. Ohhh I love this! Lafs out loud. Yes hunny "we all done it!" Lol great post 👍🏽


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