Crossing Oahu, Hawaii off my bucket list.

October 20, 2016 O‘ahu, Hawaii, USA

After finding out that it would take us 12 hours and 2 stops, one in Atlanta and the other one in LA, I was more than hesitant about going to Hawaii. As beautiful as it seemed and as romantic as it would have been, after being sick with a stomach virus, sitting in the same spot for 10 hours didn't seem so appealing. But, thanks to the mister, my ticket was already booked and my bags were already packed, and we were ready to go.  

After sleeping most of the way there, I have to say the flight wasn't bad at all. We walked off the plane to a setting that was slightly familiar. The tropical shirts worn by the employees and the outside layout showing the palm tree's gave me a last minute reminder of Miami. 

We were welcomed with a traditional Hawaiian welcome of being laid by his sister, Fabi and her gorgeous daughter, Sydney. 

Thanks to Fabi, we were able to get a cabin on a private beach for the weekend right on the water with a beautiful view of the waves crashing the mountains. The setting was jaw dropping! With the sound of the ocean being my alarm clock for the weekend, there was no way I could stay in bed. I was able to squeeze in a few peaceful minutes of writing time every morning on the beach before the mister woke up. 

First Stop
The first stop on
 our agenda was Waimea falls. It's located in Waimea Valley, in North shore. One of Oahu's most popular beaches. As soon as you drive in, you know its going to be somethings remember. We instantly all lost reception and were captivated by the tall green mountains and the beautiful greenery that surrounded us. The trail to the fall displayed some of Hawaii's most unique flowers and also gave us tips on what birds to look out for and informed us on the toads that we would seldomly spot. The trail definitely gave me a workout with the frequent hills. But the end result was very much worth it. 

Second Stop.

Lets start off by saying, we all started off excited, towards the middle we all were hot and pissed, but at the end we were motivated, filled with joy and ready to do it again! 
I did a lot of research before leaving to Hawaii and a lot of information that I read was that Hawaii is known for their trails and hikes. So I grabbed my hiking boot's and put that on our to do list. Then there we were face to face with Koko  Head Mountain. To the people of Hawaii that trail is a peace of cake, by the time we got to the top there were people making it up there for their 5th time that day. However, to us.. Floridian's... that was one of hardest things we have ever done in our lives, and I loved almost every minute of it.  It took heart, determination and a lot of water. No wonder why everyone in Hawaii was so fit...

Third Stop.

To end our vacation we stopped at Paradise Cove for a Luau to celebrate 16 years of love between Fabi and her husband. They provided us with drinks and entertainment, taught us the proper way to cut a coconut, how to make a lay, showed us how to dance like a hula girl and to dance with fire. The experience was unforgettable.

We stayed in Hawaii for seven days and ended up doing something every day from hitting up some of the major beaches, to shopping in Waikiki (Hawaii's ocean drive), to hiking another trail and getting caught in the rain.
Words can't even explain the authentic atmosphere of Oahu, Hawaii. From the gorgeous green filled mountains that kiss the sky, to the organic food that is sold through out the island, to the beautiful tongue of Pidgin that is spoken from the true native's. Its was an amazing first experience and I'm sure won't be my last one!


  1. Wow what an amazing expirience. I cannot even fathem that type if beauty. Is it crazy i read this all in your voice! And to add, made me feel like i was chillin in hawaii with ya! You write beautifully, cant wait to read more ! I truly cant wait for my time in Hawaii, im sure it will be just as unforgettable and physically exhausting. Keep up the awesome work Asia, you are killin it ❤️

    1. Thanks Val ! Your so awesome for taking the time out to comment and support ! I appreciate you ! And I'm sure you and your boo will be there any day !

  2. Beautifully written and enjoyed the blog Asia. I'm so proud of you ❤️❤️ Ms Bowens

    1. Thank you Ms. Bowens ! I really appreciate the support! I hope u guys are doing good !! Thank you again😘


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