Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

Its halloween and its one of my favorite holidays. Kids dressed up in their favorite cartoon characters is my favorite part. Seeing them walk around as princess Elsa or their parents favorite's, such as characters from Narco's, gets me every time. 

I decided to not dress up this year and stay in but before grabbing some goodies and a movie, for a night in with the mister, I walked around the neighborhood to catch a few kids trick or treating and sadly I seen two to three kids. It was the same case last year. Do kids still trick or treat? Or has this clown epidemic scared parents from taking their kids out for treats? It seems as if halloween has become more of an adult holiday. Malls and shopping centers are giving out the candy and barely anyone has their lights on this year. Hmph, hopefully we do better next year.

Until then, stay safe & Happy Halloween!

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