3 ways to Patience

November 2, 2016

A year ago, if you were moving too slow I was that person that would huff and puff to make it obvious that I'm irritated. Could you blame me? We live during a period where we can have whatever we want within seconds. We are too spoiled. Don't tell me you never called Siri a few names we won't repeat because you had to ask her the same question 100 times; or that you never did a major eye roll because the old lady in the Lincoln town car was doing 30 in a 60. 

When we become impatient we cause ourselves to have unnecessary stress. We start to sweat, our heart starts racing, our blood pressure rises and we can barely get our words out. For what? Because we couldn't miss two minutes of our friends brunch to hear the latest gossip? Or because we rather rush to the office to be stuck in a cubicle for the next eight hours? Calm down, relax, your friends and boss will understand. 

If patience is one of the most important life tools and we clearly aren't born with it, why is it so hard to grasp? Here's 3 ways to practice patience in your every day tasks. 

1. Listen & Breath

The first step is to close your eyes and listen to your body. If your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty and you can barely breath, its time to stop what your doing and give your self a moment. Breath, count to 10 or find any way that helps your muscles and body relax.

2. Make a choice

You have two choices, either to be impatient or remain calm. Lets be honest, which one seems wiser?

3. Accept 

Accept the fact that this is it and switch your perspective. Is this happening for a reason? We all have cell phones and social media for a reason. Once you have calmed down, give your people a call and let them know whats going on. If your friend is taking too long to get ready, don't get upset. Figure out what you can do to help them, instead of rushing. Giving other people attitude because your feeling impatient will do nothing but make the energy negative and slow them down. 

Not everyone is going to run on your time, life happens, traffic happens and shit happens. Listen to your body, make a choice and accept. 

What are some ways that help you to stay patient?

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