New month, New challenge, New Year?

November 1, 2016

Happy November!

I was always told to go into the new year with money in my pocket so that you can be blessed with money all year long. I have been doing this for about five years now and every year I put more money in my pocket than the previous New year eve. Lets just say I been speaking it into existence and my bank account has been getting more love with every passing year. We officially have 61 days until the new year and 60 days until my birthday. I want to enter the new year with a fitter body and healthier eating habits than I currently have in 2016. I'll be using the same ritual I use to bring money into the new year, to bring a fit body and healthy habits into 2017.

Being that we only have 2 month until 2017, hear are some things I will be canceling out of my diet and some routines I will add to my morning ritual.

 Putting money in my pocket before the turn of the new year is my way of speaking things I want into existence. However, just speaking words isn't enough, with added action and effort comes success. Im a HUGE lover of everything sweet, from brownies and ice cream, to adding brown sugar to everything! Yet, it takes 24 days to break a bad habit and an equal amount of time to build a new habit. So bye bye brownies! Hello 6 pack! So, with only 60 days left until the new year,  lets make these last few weeks count. We all have a new year resolution, but what about the end of the year? Lets not wait until the new year to get what we want! 

What are some new and productive habits you will bring into the new year?

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