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November 15, 2016

I have completely neglected my blog over the past week. Surprisingly, I have still been getting readers; and to you...I'm sorry!

 I have been putting in so much over time at work, that I haven't been able to sit down and write. One of my good friends just came to visit me from New York.  Her coming reignited my excitement about my upcoming trip to New York, Saint Paul and hopefully Atlanta in December. As well as, thanksgiving, christmas, my birthday and New Years. I have been preparing for the upcoming events and been coming up with great ideas for the holidays. I have missed writing so much over the past week. It deff feels good to have my fingers moving on the keys again! 

On the bright side, are we ready for thanksgiving? I sure am! Since my family lives in Minnesota and Ohio, I will be hosting a friendsgiving with a few friend at my place. Im super stocked to show my friends what I'm working with in the kitchen. I have some great thanksgiving content coming up and so ready to show you guys!

P.S. With all the working I have been doing, the Solange "A Seat at the Table" album as well as Alicia Key's new album "HERE" has definitely been keeping me sane. 

What albums have you been listening to? Any Suggestions? 

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