November 17, 2016

Serendipity - noun- an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident; good fortune, luck 

Besides the famous Upper East Side New York parlor giving me the best date nights and having the best frozen hot chocolate the city can offer,  serendipity also has one of the most essential definitions to life. I have always been one for planning things in advanced, but I noticed the best times i have had in my life are the ones that go unplanned. 

My friends birthday just recently passed and with her being the most anal person I know when it comes to planning, I decided to go with the flow for her birthday and not plan anything at all. Which could have gone two ways, either us both being indecisive and not doing anything at all or us having one of the most memorable nights. Since she was turning 25 at such an important age I knew the first option was not a choice. After starting off in Miami Beach and us running down Collins Ave in 6 inch heels to catch our cab, she looked at me and told me that was the best birthday she has ever had. With all the adventure and and hole in the wall spots we took too that day, it was definitely one for the books. 

Walking with no intended place to go is when we find the dopest spots and when we catch ourselves laughing with good company till our stomach's hurt. We get so caught up with looking into the future that we don't notice what is right in front of us, such as this pink neon sign that stood out to me as I walked under the super moon, waiting to capture an epic picture of the sky, when unexpectedly this became the high light of my night. You will be amazed at the discoveries you run into when your not looking. 

When was the last time you made a desirable discovery by accident? 

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