Girls Trip in New York

December 13, 2016

Im sure you have heard it before but every time I go to New York, I fall in love with the city all over again. 

We started off in Harlem and ended up in Brooklyn and by the end of this trip the booties were kicked off and the Ugg's were thrown on. 

After sitting under the dryer for 3 hours, then waking up to rain at 5 in the morning before heading to New York is never flattering for a curly girl like myself. So before leaving my apartment in Miami I had some doubt on if this trip would be any good or not. The negative nancy came out and was quickly put back in her place after landing at JFK and hoping off the plane to perfect hair weather.
 *Hair Flip*

Whenever I take a trip to New York I usually book a room in a hotel, this time my good friend Tae and I rented out an Airbnb for the first few nights, then stayed with a friend (Sam) for the rest of our stay. Being able to stay in a New Yorker's home enhanced my experience just a little more. 

Our first stop was at The Sugar Hill Cafe in Harlem to pick up our key for our Airbnb. I'd have to say this basement cafe was so captivating that I completely understand why their was consistent traffic. 

I order the blueberry bagel with an almond milk chai tea latte. The taste of both my goodies were so fresh that it reminded me of home because it tasted so organic and homemade.

Sam then took Tae and I to Bryant Park which came to me as a shock that it was actually considered a park. It was filled with people, coffee and small shops. They even had an ice skating rink! We kicked back, grabbed some hot coco and admired the ice skaters because unfortunately the line was way too long for us to wait in. 

We headed to a restaurant just a few blocks from Bryant Park called Blockheads. The ambiance in this place was everything! From the hip hop trio De La Soul to the Old School Jay Z playing in the background, to the food, the service and of course the Sangria Margarita that was Yes! A Sangria and Margarita mixed in one! The vibe in that place is definitely one you don't want to miss. 

 After taking in a couple Margarita Sangria's and eating some delicious quesidilla's we called it a night and headed back to our Harlem Airbnb. After my phone dying I can proudly say I was still able to find my way home from Manhattan to Harlem.

The next morning we found ourselves in this hole in the wall place in Brooklyn that had the best bagels! They were definitely funky looking, but good never the less. The rainbow style bagels have been an internet sensation for a while. So I had to try it at least once while I was in New York. I got an egg and cheese rainbow style "craigel" , something that I wouldn't usually add to my diet if I was back home but the craigel was worth every guilty but pleasurble bite! 

To walk off some of that yummy craigel, Tae and I headed to the Brooklyn bridge to get some great photo opps and have our "us time" before going our separate ways.

This trip was definitely one for the books. We walked all over the city and stopped at places such as Central Park, The NYU area, and ran around all over Brooklyn and Harlem. We laughed, we danced and one of us even cried (lol). But never the less, it was an awesome trip.

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