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December 27, 2016

Its currently Tuesday, December 27th and its 7:55pm. We officialy have four more days until the new year. As we all get ready to head into 2017 and get prepped for our last big Hoo-ray before we kiss when the clock strike's 12 at our NYE party, I wanted to put my life on hold for just five minutes to appreciate 2016. We get so eager about starting the new year and setting goals on tasks we didn't complete in 2016, that we don't take a moment to reflect on the things we did accomplish.

I would love for you to take a moment and write a list of your accomplishments of 2016.
Here's mine...

  1. Started my blog
  2. I became more consistent in the gym
  3. Learned a great deal on saving and budgeting & put it to use.
  4. Traveled to Hawaii (Awesome trip) & NY (first girls trip)
  5. Found an awesome studio to call my own in Miami.
  6. Became more spiritually enlightned & found peace within myself.
  7. 2016 has been awesome for my relationship. The Mr. & I have never been stronger. 
  8. I was able to reconnect with my siblings and cousin's who I haven't seen in 5 years.
  9. Definitely became less of an introvert and a lot more willing to spark random conversations. 
  10. Every year I learn something new. In 2014 I learned only to depend on myself. (Not to be harsh, just honest) In 2015 I learned that "me time" and quality time is very important in any relationship (i.e work, family, gf/bf, school,etc) For 2016 it has been to be your own boss. This year has brought many situations and experiences that showed me that there is nothing better than working for yourself. 
Being able to reflect on this year  and write my top ten took time. It was definitely more than five minutes, but I felt good doing it! I even laughed a little to myself at some of the situations this year has handed me. So I give this moment to appreciate 2016. It has been one hell of a year but a great one at that! Whats your top 5 or better yet top 10? 

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  1. 2015 was not a great year for me, but I told myself when 2016 comes I will be a better version of me. However, I did graduate for college which was the highlight of my year in 2015! PANTHERS 2015 TURRRNN UP!
    My accomplishment of 2016:
    1) Lose more weight - I have been on a fitness journey since 2013 which I fell off in 2015. When 2016 came I ended up losing all the weight I gained back which was 30 ibs!
    2) Focusing on myself more...
    3) Receive my certification as a Recreational Therapist.
    4) Start reading books... (Sad to say I never completed one book in my life besides kid books when I was like 7)
    5) Build my confidence
    6) Embrace my beauty
    7) Take a trip (which I did accomplish with my Asia)

    2016 was great to me this year! My eyes have opened to many different things and I see 2017 as another year of great accomplishments.

    Great post Asia!


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