Two Days till Christmas

December 23, 2016

We are officially three days away from christmas! What other way to bring in the holidays than to surprise your parents by flying to Minnesota and banging on the door for a hour and half in 18 degree weather? (I live in the only place in the U.S where the temperature is over 80 degree's this time of the year.) With the holiday's around the corner some of us are doing some last minute shopping, running back and fourth to pick up family from the airport, frantically getting the house prepared for holiday parties, or your probably like me, banging on your parents door freezing at 2:30 in the morning trying to surprise them for christmas. With the holiday's being so close we get caught up in the holiday spirit and spending quality time with the ones we love that by the end of the week we don't realize how worn out we are. Here's three ways to squeeze in some me time before all the festive's begin.

1. Early Bird
In most christmas movie you always see that one main person who is hosting the party wake up a little early too get a breather before all the festive's begin. The morning's are perfect for "me time". When people are still sleep and the house is quiet enough for the peace of mind you deserve.

2. Exercise
Using the gym as an excuse to get away is always a good reason to catch some me time. With all the drinks and food you may be devouring within the next few days why not kill two birds with one stone and throw in some cardio time while releasing some endorphin's so that you can feel good and have the energy you need when getting back to family.

3.  Turn off the phone
With all the buzzing and holiday love you been getting this upcoming week, it is okay to lock yourself in a room and turn off the phone for 10 minute's. Take a moment to appreciate this time, the time your surrounded by family, friends and food.

What do we have planned for this upcoming holiday?

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