A Love Story

January 26, 2017

Where do I even start? I still smile and get a tingle inside at the fact that I have been with the same man for fourteen hundred and eighty-six days.
Four year’s people! I just thought the calculations will make it seem a little bit more dramatic…
I always envied people that had the super romantical love story. Mines isn’t the most romantic but it’s still a love story never the less.

I am...

January 25, 2017

I was extremely exhausted and restless last night, I couldn’t find myself to fall asleep. Instead, I laid there tossing and turning and eventually found myself staring at the ceiling.
After an hour and a half of contemplating if I should just say F*ck it and just get up and do the dishes. Which is probably the reason I couldn’t fall asleep; I hate waking up to a dirty kitchen.

Eventually, I got up and decided to do a few minutes of meditation. 
Which is something I haven't done in a while, so it felt a bit unfamiliar.

3 ways to stop comparing yourself to others

January 12, 2017

Before I ever decided to make a blog and when I only had an interest of starting one, I would type in the Google search engine "Famous 2016 Bloggers" or "Top All Time Bloggers", I would see all these fashionista's with all this creative content and perfect quality pictures. I use to think there was absolutely no way in hell I was going to measure up to these beauties.

I thought I needed a personal photographer, along with the latest DSLR, the latest Gucci and Channel Slides to match my never ending amount of clothes that I didn't have! 

With a lot of research and encouragement from my boyfriend and good friends they motivated me to get out there and just do it! 

Well here I am...

4 ways to tackle a busy schedule

January 10, 2017

For those of you that don't know, I'm currently a senior at FIU (Florida International University). Im in the process of getting my major in psychology so that I can go off to study Occupational therapy and help people regain their ability to live a full life again.

So with that being said I'm a College student, bartender, server, girlfriend, intern (soon to be), blogger, photographer, and the oldest sister of five brothers. Now, comparing myself to other people that may seem like nothing, but to me I hold a crown of many talents.

The power of good music

January 6, 2017

Hey, Hey, Hey!

How was our first week of 2017? Have we accomplished our goals for this week? 

Im not going to lie, I didn't go to the gym two days this week when I was suppose to because my new work schedule has me waking up a bit earlier, but I will definitely be waking up earlier next week to make up for the days I missed. 

If your like me and haven't completed everything you wanted to for the first week of 2017, don't beat your self up, we still have 359 days left people!

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