4 ways to tackle a busy schedule

January 10, 2017

For those of you that don't know, I'm currently a senior at FIU (Florida International University). Im in the process of getting my major in psychology so that I can go off to study Occupational therapy and help people regain their ability to live a full life again.

So with that being said I'm a College student, bartender, server, girlfriend, intern (soon to be), blogger, photographer, and the oldest sister of five brothers. Now, comparing myself to other people that may seem like nothing, but to me I hold a crown of many talents.

Tuesday's are like my Mondays and today was Monday for me. It was my first day back to school after taking last semester off to focus on myself. I have to say I was more than nervous. This semester  I will be taking on an intense amount of classes so that I can graduate by my intended goal deadline.

Working five days a week, exercising five days a week, going to school twice a week, trying to stay consistent with my blog while keeping healthy relationships is over whelming. So this morning at 7 am I hit the pause button before starting my day. I took three deep breaths before my toes touched the ground and analyzed how I would conquer this semester.

So far this is what I came up with...

1. Plan
Im pretty sure I mentioned this so far in every blog post that I have written. What can I say? I'm like a crazy person when it comes to planning. I spend forever in Target trying to find the perfect planner just for it to be unrecognizable by the end of the year. If its not written in my planner or set as an alarm on my phone, I will forget. Planner's are life savors!

We all have busy scheduels and have a lot going on this semester, so try your best to find something that can simplify your life when it comes to planning. Tools such as planner's and calendars are our friends people! Lets utilize them! We get so caught up with what we have planned for tomorrow at five a clock that we completely forget about our 9 am dentist appointment we had this morning. (Im speaking from experience) .

2. Prioritize
When  you wake up in the morning, don't touch your phone! Brush your teeth, wash your face, grab a cup of coffee and sit in your favorite spot in the house and write down 5 small things you can get done before heading out that will simplify your life. It can be to make an appointment, check your grades, iron your clothes for the day, pay a few bills or simply just call your parents. Do something that will make the day go by smoother.

Prioritizing your tasks allows you to see what needs to be done first and what you have time to do later. Set goals for tasks that have a deadline, instead of doing it last minute, plan to get it done early so that its not crunch time the day of.

Become familiar with your planning habits and have a ritual. For instance, Monday's and Wednesdays  I get off early at work, I then take a 30 min power nap and write a blog post that I can have ready for the following day. Tuesday's and Thursdays are my days to sleep in, so instead of sleeping in I head to the gym then head to school. Friday-Sunday are also my gym days and days I set aside for studying (So much fun right?). If I have any appointments that I need to plan for I set it for Tuesdays and Thursdays because making time for my blog after work is a priority.

3. Kill two birds with one stone.
There are time's when we have to sacrifice certain temporary things to get ahead for the future. I have recently sacrificed my current job schedule(which allows me to make more money) to get a job at school that allows me to focus on my studies.

Getting a job at school where I can sit and study (while still making money) allows me to get all my studying done, by the time I leave work I have all my homework done and I have extra time to focus on blogging, working out or spending time with the Mr.

Another way that I try to kill two birds with one stone is listening to my ebooks during my down time, while I'm driving or jogging. Its not always the most motivating thing to listen to while your working out but it allows you to become familiar with the material. When its time to take notes you can skim through your book and get a better understanding of what you listened to. It makes it easier to comprehend because you've heard it more than once.

4. "Me Time"
I have repeated this more than once but finding personal time for yourself is critical when it comes to  having a busy schedule. If you can't find quality "me time" in a busy schedule you will end up pulling your hair out sooner than later.

Find 30 minutes a day to appreciate the hard work you put in by giving yourself a break. Smile because you have came so far. It's a blessing and a curse to have a hectic schedule and even though it drives us crazy we learn to love it and deal with it. Sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and a bowl of chips and guac sounds pleasantly sweet but we can't sit and do it all day, every day, because we wouldn't get as far as we are today.

What does your morning routine look like? 
How do you plan for a busy schedule ahead of you?


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