A Love Story

January 26, 2017

Where do I even start? I still smile and get a tingle inside at the fact that I have been with the same man for fourteen hundred and eighty-six days.
Four year’s people! I just thought the calculations will make it seem a little bit more dramatic…
I always envied people that had the super romantical love story. Mines isn’t the most romantic but it’s still a love story never the less.

 I was with my best friend, when I met him at a school social event. I just got my new spine tattoo, so of course I had to wear something in my closet that showed off the new ink.
I still remember it like It was yesterday (also, thanks to Instagram). I could not get over this black and white striped dress that I found, It was perfect for my new tattoo, it dipped in the back, and showed off the perfect amount of back action! I paired it with red high heels to give it a pop of color and walked out the door knowing all my friends was going to love my fit, but not expecting what I had in store for me.
Even though I thought long and hard about my attire, when we got to the event, it was so crowded that all we could do was stay hidden in the back, no one could see us but the guy who came to pick up the trash.
My feet were hurting so bad from my heels, that I was relieved when a group of girls left the bar, the sight of a free seat had me running in my red heels that were squeezing my toes for dear life.
My best friend and I danced in our seats and people watched, refusing to leave our chairs because our poor toes were bruised from standing all night.
Sad to say... No one noticed my tattoo.
Until… a few moments go by of us dancing and someone taps me on my shoulder and say’s “What does your tattoo say?”
I scream in the inside “F*CKING FINALLY SOMEONE NOTICES!!”.

Fast forward to right now, at this moment in 2017. I still love my tattoo, but why in the hell would I get it there thinking everyone would notice, when eighty percent of the time no one is going to see it.

 Okay, lets rewind back to 2012, I then try to seem as unbothered as 
possible and I causally sigh (lol) and say “Let all that you do be done in love”.
Then he casually say’s “Oh. Cool.” and goes about his business not speaking to me for the next couple of hours.
After getting a scent of his Burberry cologne, I blow my best friends phone up (who was still sitting next to me) with text messages asking “What does he look like?”, “Is he hot?”,” “Is he looking at me?”, “Omg he smells so gooood!”.

I clearly didn’t want to make it obvious that I was feeling him, so I did everything in my power to not look his way and let my best friend be my eye’s and ears.

Three a.m. rolls around... the light’s turn on... and that was our Q to leave…
When the light’s turn on, I finally get the courage to make eye contact with him and he smiles. A smile so perfect, im sure I started smiling so hard that my friend should have slapped me in the four head…

He starts walking my way and say’s “I love your outfit, very elegant and your beyond beautiful” and then walks off.
As I lose sight of him and everyone scrambles to the door, I’m thinking to myself he's such a mystery man, I’m so intrigued.
The minute I think that, he walks past me for the last time and that's when I  got clarification from my own eye’s that he was just my type.
My friend being the bold, courageous, extrovert that everyone love’s waved him down and brought him our way.
He’s shy… Something different, I’m doing all the talking, which is new, especially with me being an introvert.
For the first time in my life, I ask a guy for his number. Secretly scared of rejection, he puts his number in my phone, and let’s just say…
We have been together every day since.

Our relationship isn’t perfect; I have learned so much about myself and I’ve learned how to accept other’s for who they are, because no one is perfect.
We spend half of our time laughing and the other half having deep meaningful conversation’s. We are in tune with one another. We give each other a look and he already knows what I’m thinking.
I speak the words he's thinking before he even say’s them.
He has my back like no one I have ever met before. He is not just my boyfriend, but my best friend.

We have taken trips and adventure’s everywhere. We have argued and disagreed and life has thrown us many lemons that we had to fight through together.
However, I share this story to bring another segment to Asiayvonne.com. It’s not just for relationships. Its a place to let go and ask or say whatever is on your mind, you can ask me personal questions, college issues, or whatever you desire. I will reply with thing’s that I have learned and what I have gone through, in hope that you learn from my mistakes, like I have learned from others. I want to open my page for you guys to ask me questions and for me to gain a relationship with my readers, where we can be honest with one another.
You can ask me on any of my social media platforms or email me and I will put you as anonymous. I don’t talk about my relationship but I’m beyond excited to start connecting with you guys.

What will be the first question you ask on DearAsia?


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    1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Muahhh :*

  2. oh my gawshhhhh. You are such a diamond. I absolutely lovedddd this segment. Really shows growth and love and strength, between the both of you. So happy for you guys and how far you both have come. Kepp up the wonderful love and ant wait to see you ! -Val

    1. Thanks Val! We been through it all and still got a lot coming, but that my boo! lol


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