first month of 2017

January 31, 2017

Our first month of the year, has come to an end!
Can you believe that?
Where has the time gone?
What have we done?
Is this what the rest of the year is going to be like?

Fly before our eyes before we can catch a breather...?
I hope not!

I must say January 2017 was a success for me. I crossed off all my objectives for this month and created new, exciting, and nerve racking goals for this upcoming month.

During the month of January, I went back to school, started working on my financial goals, began my veggie life (being a vegetarian), and got back in the gym…which was way harder than I expected.

I worked so hard in the gym the last couple of months of 2016, that when I started traveling, I lost balance of my routine and lost my strength. I had to start over and unfortunately my muscles needed to regain some of that old muscle memory back.

Let’s just say, I have never been as sore and I’m still walking funny but feeling more motivated than ever!

            Don’t get me wrong, I defiantly progressed this month but I did have some SMH moments. Even though I’ve gone vegetarian, I still have a lot of learning to do when it comes to veggies in the kitchen, because that pizza I devoured last night was definitely not part of the plan.
            February will include cook books, farmers market and weekly goals?  March, I will be going into spring break and I will be doing some traveling again, so I have some projects to finish before then.
            Therefore, I want to introduce new subjects for my blog, my channel and my life this month, so that I will not set myself back in March.

                   Sometimes you have think a little further and work little harder to get ahead.

So, my motto for February is “No game’s, just gains”. I’m always talking about getting gain’s in the gym, but this is not only for looking good in my bikini for spring break but also getting gains and progressing even more than I did in January.

My goals for January were small steps that will help me advance for the year, I would like to start challenging myself each month to become better physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I’m somewhat of an introvert when you first met me, but once you start talking to me, I just don’t stop!

However, I’ve never been the type of person to introduce myself and initiate conversation.
            I always shied away from being the “first one”. I missed opportunities because I didn’t want to grow the courage to talk to someone, or ask questions in class.
            The bravery wasn’t there and clearly the determination to get ahead wasn’t all there either.
For the month of February and the rest of the months of 2017, getting out my comfort zone and being the “first one” will be one of my main goals to focus on. I will be attending networking events and different social events with friends, and by myself to put myself in difficult situations that I will eventually grow use to.
            It will be hard, it will be awkward, but it will be accomplished.

What are your goals for February? Will you be stepping out of your comfort zone to get ahead?


  1. In February my goals are to get in to gym a little bit. It's kind of hard when I work 10-11 hour shifts during the week, but I feel like if I push a little further I could attend more. Secondly, save more than i did in the month of Janauary. Lastly, continue being the greatest version of me.
    Thank you Asia!

    1. Yes! You can do whatever you put your mind too! I believe in you! Thank you for commenting and supporting, your awesome!


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