Happy New Year!

January 1, 2017

Yesterday was my birthday and also the last day of 2016. Can you believe we are already in 2017? Im pretty sure I say that every new years eve! 2016 was definitely good to me, I made new friends, started a new job, lost some friends, got a new apartment, cried a lot and of course started my blog. Last year opened my eyes to so many opportunities that I was blinded too before. I left 2016 feeling like 2017 will be my year of blood, sweat and tears but most importantly creativity! Im ecstatic about 2017 and ill be bringing nothing but positive vibes into this upcoming year. 

Im now 23, its 2017 and I never felt as confident as I do about this year than I have felt about any other year. I want to share with my readers some of my goals that I have for this new year that way I can be held accountable this time next year for my goals that I shared. I want to influence you all into setting your goals for this new year so that you too can be held accountable.

If you don't want to share with me then post your top 5 to 10 goals that you would like to accomplish and put it on your fridge. Give your self a daily reminder of the tasks you like to achieve. Once you have posted your goals, write down the steps on how you will accomplish them and give yourself a dead line. Its one thing to set your goals, its another to make a plan on how you will accomplish them. Tell a close friend or family member your goals and dead line so that someone can hold you accountable. There's nothing more annoying then hearing  "Oh what happened to those 20 pounds you were suppose to lose" before we get sassy and give a major eye roll we definitely feel some type of guilt before we give our sarcastic comeback. Do yourself a favor this year and stick to your word. Push yourself to your highest limits and be the best version of you that you can be. Its all about blood, sweat and tears this new year! 

  1. Weight goals of 120lbs
  2. Cook more at home
  3. Do a back packing trip
  4. Travel out of the country
  5. Start my business
  6. Reach at least 200 consistent views 
  7. Own property
  8. Graduate from college
  9. Become spiritually and mentally more healthy
  10. Give back in a major way

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