Putting yourself first this new year

January 3, 2017

We are only three days into the new year and I still have that feeling of excitement as if it were December 31st. Starting a new year is like being able to start fresh for me. We get to throw away our old planner's and if your anything like me its the time of year again where we can spend 30 minutes in Target staring at the pretty updated planners ready to take all of them home.

Im sure my friends are tired of getting a random text from me throughout the day saying "OMG I'm sooooo excited for this year.", I usually just get the "lol me too" response.. or sometimes just "lol". lol I have already bought my planner, bought a dry erase board calendar, bought new blogging notebooks and have updated everything 2016 that was in my apartment.

I guess you can say I'm well prepared...

I know this is horrible and ill probably remember by the end of this post, however I was watching or may have been reading or even conversing with someone that talked about putting "you first". I can't remember how the thought came about. However, I work in the hospitality industry, and with all the holidays passing buy it was the time of year that everyone in the business should be working because thats when you will be making 2x's maybe even 4x's more than normal. People are more generous with there tips and are in the holiday spirit of giving.

With that being said..

During the month of December I  worked 60 hours in one week for multiple weeks. I was so exhausted on my off days that all I could do was sleep. It took time away from my blog, photography, writing, exercising, reading and also time away from my relationship and friends. The money was good but was definitely draining.

During the segment I could have been watching, reading, or conversing with they talked about putting "You first". Long story short it said always find time for yourself. They could have been taking about going to get your nails done or having "me time" and going to get a massage. I don't know but something inside me told me to step back and focus on my goals, because all the time I'm putting into working now is taking time from things that I have planned for the future. For example, my blog, if my friends are getting tired of hearing me say "I'm so excited for the new year", I know there is someone who will read my blog post that I can connect with.

Working over time has definitely made my fitness life come to a halt. January 1st I was in LA fitness at 6:30am, and Oh boy, was that an experience. My strength and stamina has completely vanished as if I have never been inside a gym before, which was not a good feeling. Let's just say I haven't been to the gym in so long, I had forgot what the inside of a gym even looked like. No, just kidding, but really!

How does this relate to you?

2016 may have been the best year of your life or may have been the worse. However, with 2017 now here and in full effect its time you can start fresh, and put yourself first. We work ourselves tirelessly to the point we are basically sleep walking at work. Unless working endless amount of hours is one of your goals for this year, than do it! BUT if its not, don't let work or school be a reason you can't get out there for 30 min's to go for a quick jog, to write a quick post, to read a few pages or to even do something that will bring you a few step's closer to your goals.

Health should be apart of everyone's agenda. Its never too late or too early to start working on becoming a better you. Stay committed and consistent in 2017. If you didn't accomplish everything you wanted to in 2016, everything happens for a reason, put in the work and get it done early this year! Lets keep each other pumped, don't give up on your goals three days into the new year! What have you done different these last three days?

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