The power of good music

January 6, 2017

Hey, Hey, Hey!

How was our first week of 2017? Have we accomplished our goals for this week? 

Im not going to lie, I didn't go to the gym two days this week when I was suppose to because my new work schedule has me waking up a bit earlier, but I will definitely be waking up earlier next week to make up for the days I missed. 

If your like me and haven't completed everything you wanted to for the first week of 2017, don't beat your self up, we still have 359 days left people!

I want to close this week off on a positive note..

If you follow me on twitter (Asiayvonne012) I went on a tweeting frenzy and started tweeting about the power of good music. Yesterday (Thursday) I was in a funk and did a lot of negative thinking. When there was absolutely no reason for me to be thinking that way, who thinks negative the first week of a new year? Its a new year for god sakes! 

Any who, I was beating myself up for not going to the gym and devouring a yummy cheese pizza that was beyond delightful before trying to get some good shots in for the blog. Needless to say, the pics did not come out too flattering for my taste. 

This is not me beating myself up, just noticing what I need to perfect on. 

I ended up pouting around the house and throwing a pity party for one. I decided to clean around my studio and turn on pandora to the Common station to make myself productive. 

Fast forward five minutes later...

I was jamming all around the room, throwing my hands in the air singing "There is a light, that shines, special for you and mee"  and ended up right back in the chair taking some shots in my happy place. 

Common knew exactly the feeling he wanted to give when he made "the lights". 

The power of his music and the other feel good songs that came on his station brought me from a low to an ultimate high. 

So this weekend before you throw on your favorite pair of heels and head out with your girls, or before you slide in the little black dress for date night with the hubs, throw on some good music and watch your day get even brighter.

Be safe and have a lavish weekend! 
xoxo-Asia Yvonne

P.S. What fun things do we have planned for the first weekend of the year?
Me? I think my head will be in "How to win friends and influence people"such an awesome book, definitely recommend it! & of course ill have some wine to compliment. 

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  1. oh my gosh! i just finished reading How to Win friendsand Influence people. wowowowowow, beyond phenomenal book. it has literally changed my life ! So much truth and wisdom. Definitely going to ready it again and again and study the crap out of it. Love you ! -Val


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