Have you ever craved to have a meaningful conversation with someone? To listen to them tell a story so deep that you get trapped in your imagination from the sound of their voice. Well, thats me. Im Asia, I'm a twenty one year old psych major student, residing in Miami Florida and I love listening to other peoples stories, beliefs and views. To hear where they have been or where their dreams might lead them. To listen to their love stories or their ways of life. Its what keeps me open minded and inspired.  I started AsiaYvonne to tell my story, to share my life in hopes to influence not only women like myself but everyone who wants to be inspired. Here you will find some of my most meaningful lifestyle tips, my fitness journey as well as my travel adventures and much more.

P.s. Don't be afraid to comment on my blogs and share some of your stories. I love to listen (or in this case read about it)


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